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How To Clean Those Better Coins And Jewelry You Find. :smoke:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: July 16, 2017 10:29PM
For most of your clad coins, tumbling them works best! I have years experience with ultrasonic machines. Don't use them on copper oxidized coins, as they will pit them. Do use them on silver coins. For iron rusted parts, use full strength vinegar, and run for long periods.

Here is the formula for an ultrasonic cleaner solution I use. As I don't use it on Pearls or Opals but its fine for most jewelry and non copper coins.

1/4 cup Mr clean
1/4 cup liquid ammonia
1/2 cup water

It was recommended to be used hot.

What I do, depending on what I am cleaning, is put the piece in different containers, and just fill the tub in the ultrasonic cleaner with water, preferably distilled water.

Also, do no overlook "Stainless steel shot tumbling." Tumbling is an easy and effective way to polish your finished metal jewelry pieces. You just buy some commercially available stainless steel shot, put it in the tumbler. Add just enough water to cover the top of your shot, add one drop of Dawn dishwater soap, your jewelry and rings and start tumbling. Mix silver only with silver. If you add copper, the silver will stain a copper color.

Below is a video I made on stainless steel shot tumbling...called the "3rd Way To Polish Coins and Jewelry."

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