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:canadaflag:Misdigs of the a day
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: July 17, 2017 02:40PM
The words to one of the old Monkees songs came to fruition today. A day which I'm sure most of us have experienced at sometime during our digging hobby!

Goes something like this;
"I should have stayed at home in bed
Pillow wrapped around my head
Instead of waking up to find
A nightmare of a different kind!"

So here is a Bluenoser's tale of woe brought to from CBC....think they still have a tv channel.

Short of staff at work so we are now pulling 12 hour shifts with time chances daily! When the phone :crazy2: Anyway got up early and headed to two spots that are approximately 45 minutes away. "Wreck Havoc" was purring down the road proudly waving it's Canuck flag while gulping down petrol. Went to the farthest dig site first which much to my dismay was infested with rugrats the size of a King penguin running amok kicking a soccer ball.....ah so much for the beautiful game......and a dig there!
Next place...same thing. Headed back to Lower Sackville just enjoying the drive. Of course Wreck Havoc has a blow fuse so no singing to the top 10 of yester year with the radio.

With an arsenal of Garretts in the trunk I was ready for everything. Was getting hotter than Hades so I applied suntan lotion as I hit the next dig spot. Um. Two minutes later the assorted horseflies, blackflies and only God knows what had feasted on my flesh as evident by all the welts on my legs. The hell with this. My Freedom 3 Plus and I retreated to the car and doused in Deep Woods off. Bite me now! Got back to swinging and the 3 nine volts went dead. Out came the back up Pro. Anyway the enemy was thwarted with a few coins dug up. A mere 15 minutes later I was sweating Niagara Falls. Headed to the tot lot area that was in the shade to do the dew. Wood things hurt when they splinter between your toes.....sneakers....not crocs should be worn. Got it out with a few choice words. Had worn the crocs as I had planned on a swish trunks. Off to a local department store picking up a pair of trunks that....well should not be worn in public as they were fluorescent had to take what fits this orca body! If only they could grow oranges in Florida that big.

So then it was a case of getting stuck at 3 different spots on the highway due to road repairs before the next spot. Hunny Bunny now is in command of Nogo Sojo who does have ac unlike Havoc. Another place dotted with craters. Talked to my buddy at lands and forests who related that he had "words" with two men digging in the park and not filling their holes so please when at Oakfield park due the dew and use lesche tools not shovels! That is a no brainer. :crazy2:

Finds on land and water were few. Wreck Havoc got topped up at the Petro Can. Sort of thinking I should have taken an extra shift today instead of going digging! Cheaper.

Then I get home . LIfe is good. Hunny Bunny made an appearance! In the mail was a check for $50 from a stamp dealer who I wrote to regarding a set I brought months ago at a show that was damaged. :hd3: Life in the land of the Bluenose....priceless!

As for photos...have to find a new one to host as Photobucket has stopped 3rd party photo posting....too boot I pay for that service....any suggestions?

Re: :canadaflag:Misdigs of the a day
Posted by: Gamma_Joe
Date: July 17, 2017 07:41PM
Hey, the good days will follow the bad days. No sweat.

The good stuff is still out there, just waiting for the next "beep".

Just think, we'll look at a ten acre plot and then start narrowing it down to a job with a Propointer.



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