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:canadaflag:Wreck Havoc's grandchildren found
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: August 14, 2017 06:13PM
Wreck Havoc was motoring down the road on semi bald winter tires, rusty wheel wells and a quarter of a tank of petrol. Life was good. Had packed the Seahunter mk11 in the boot with plans of swishing a few local lakes. Easing into a tight parking spot Wreck jolted as we hit the guard rail. No pain no gain. I too was suffering as the day at the office had taken it's toll.

Did a donut around Havoc after I extracted the Garrett to make sure he was locked tight. This was a tough part of town. Beach still had a fair gathering of this and that with the rugrats frolicking like only they can in the water. Hit a few coins in the shallows then went neck deep and hit the first of Wreck's three grand little fellow cute with an adorable red thunderbird roof.. I hummed at my good fortune then found him....a Hummer that is with pitch black colouration. Mr. W. Havoc's third grand child was found after an E.T. Zone fun token...ankle bitter and proudly wears my lucky number..19 which is one more than the amount of coins I swished up today. Has a hairpin temper though!

The sun was going down so it was time to head back to the lot. Havoc was purring smoothly but needed some fuel. Petro Can regular did the job whereas I stopped at the smart shop for a met with dark and dirty Capt. Morgan with his French side kick" Die Et' Coke" along with two pint sized friends from the local micro brewery neighbourhood....the "John A's" honey wheat ale twins.

Imagine later tonight I'll need a tune up or at the very least a new fan belt!

Re: :canadaflag:Wreck Havoc's grandchildren found
Posted by: fongu
Date: August 17, 2017 11:50AM
Nice finds, Leslie.

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