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I Got Flour Gold Today By "UN-GROUND BALANCING" My AT MAX:smoke:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: August 23, 2017 11:00PM
That's right! By un-groundbalancing the MAX. We ground balance our detectors to get them to run smooth and quiet. I set up the MAX to run very unstable........especially to iron. Usually my AT Pro balances in the 80-90 reading. To pick up the iron in the bedrock, I manually set the GB to 20. What a chatterbox...... unless I raised the coil above me, where it ran quiet.

You see, gold is one of the heaviest elements in rivers & creeks, and always settles in crevices, where the water turbulence wont move it, unless it is spring runoff. Black sands both magnetic and non-magnetic also are heavy, and tend to accumulate in the same areas where gold hides. So........find the concentration of iron in the bedrock, and you should be able to find the gold. I did today. :)

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