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So the Ace 250 trips over a coin spill
Posted by: Dancer
Date: September 07, 2017 05:34AM
Went back to a old park I hunted day before with another machine. (Larger coil) Not much happening the first hour, about a buck in change. After hunting around 3 sides of a pavilion, sat down for a little break. Looked over my finds, pretty slim. 10 Coins, toy car, antique type key. Started up again hit this big target like maybe an a lot of trash. Wait a minute , got down with the Pro pointer, isolated a penny. Then another and another. Now and then a nickel. Coins must have been thrown for a kids game. Nearly cleaned up got the bonus prize. US President dollar coin. 55pennies out of that hole. Total hunt $2.80. 67 coins. Time passed. Sniper coil was the perfect tool. Better than getting skunked.

Re: So the Ace 250 trips over a coin spill
Posted by: oleterryg
Date: September 07, 2017 07:30PM
Congratulations! That was great. My best coin spill was 22. 14 were pennies, rest a mix. Certainly not a dollor coin.
You did good.

Re: So the Ace 250 trips over a coin spill
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: September 08, 2017 11:17PM
That Hockey Puck coil is one underrated coil. Great for going along chain link fences too!

:canadaflag:quota makes for a great day....go man go!N/T
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: September 12, 2017 09:42AM

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Re: :canadaflag:quota makes for a great day....go man go!
Posted by: fongu
Date: September 12, 2017 11:11AM
Nice coin spill, Dancer. First 8 coins I found last week was pennies and then 2 quarters. Found one 1945 wheat and sore as all get out since I hadn't been dirt fishing in a long time.

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