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Got 3 Rings With The AT MAX In The Water Today - White Gold And Silver!:super:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: September 16, 2017 11:56PM

It was cold! Frost on the windshield this morning. I subbed chest waders for a wet suit. Glad I did....water was cold and there was a strong south wind. The MAX is such a pleasure to use in true all metal mode. ground balance it, swing it and wait for the beeps. Low 20's are bobby pins. 40's read aluminum foil, bouncing signals 40-60-80 are bottle caps, smooth 50's in all directions gets gold, signals in the 80's to 90's get silver. Deep whispers are always a trump card. You just never know what will pop out.

Here are the rings.....I got more rings today from this old beach then I got in the previous 2 years! The extra depth on the MAX is really paying off for me. I dug up a couple of fishing lures, and made a ring out of the one with the nice designs on it. It turned out kind of FUNKY!

I was pulling old bottle caps with the cork on the back, and some had a small round aluminum disk still attached to the cork. It makes them sound like a coin.They are posted below. I included my oldest

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