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:canadaflag:relics answer question, "How to keep a woman happy."
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: November 12, 2017 02:36PM
My dig today, once the relics were decoded answered the age old question. "How do you truly make a woman happy?"

Rudolph Valentino, Cupid and even Aphrodite's quest to answer that have been thwarted as far back as the Garden of Edam. You can lavish them with affection, gifts and attention but these are but fleeting stop gap measures to ensure bliss.

While swinging my Freedom 3 Plus today I asked myself "Self. How can that be done?" Straining as much as I could I engaged my grey matter and pondered, deliberated to no a sterling silver charm. Could the great Freud come to a sound a zipper? Does the answer come from the a key? 50 coins totaling under $2.00 later I still did not have a sound hypothesis...but did have quota.

Driving home in Wreck Havoc I started to digest the relics I had dug for the day....a face, a zipper and a fancy key. The dawn then dawns on this Neanderthal thinking man whose idea for treating a complex being such as a female with a night in the cave drinking grog and watching hockey.

By arranging the relics it hit me like a bolt of lightening....."The key to having face is keep it zipped."
Of course over the millennium men have learned to speak with this one being well trained and not overly verbose when quarried but answering in a subservient tone the two words a woman can understand.........

Take for the day.

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