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Got Another Bad Token Snow Hunting In The Woods This Afternoon:thumbdown:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: November 17, 2017 09:26PM

Got some more Snow over night, and it cooled down a bit more. I went back to the woods to detect, so I could get out of the cold westerly wind today. I used the small 5" x 8" DD coil because it causes less drag through the dry powdery snow, and of course it is lighter. In areas with few targets, I used the true all metal mode, glancing at the VDI numbers to see if it is worth digging. In trashy areas, I hunted in zero discrimination mode, with my iron audio set to 44. This area allowed me to turn up the sensitivity to 100%. I only dug iffy or good signals, which got me 3 bottle caps and one screw-cap. The ground was pretty hard, as I had to hack away with my Lesche long handled relic shovel. The frost was down to about 2 inches, then the soil was softer and easier to dig.

After about an hours worth of wading through the shallow snow, I came across this plastic Canadian treasure chest.....what could it be????? Arghhhhh Matey!

Well......not a heck of a whole lot. Old, stinky, dirty clothes. Yuk! :puke:

After another 45 minutes following an old trail, I finally got a signal in the mid 80's. Ha! A coin? Silver? A Silver Ring. No......not today. Just a bad bad token. I hate finding these......:(

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