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:canadaflag:Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata Plunders
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: April 25, 2018 02:03PM
This was our 9th trip to the Dominican republic and all with Air Transit. Mind you when they say bargain basement packaged tours they are the basement. Flight was 4o minutes late taking off, no meals served on the route (did get a cup of coffee) and really bad movies in flight both ways. No surprise there.

The hotel Sunscape we had stayed at on two previous occasions so we knew what to expect....except that they had actually improved both on the service and the room. Within 5 minutes of getting our room the Hunny Bunny found my "G" spot stating that is there and that is where they stay. Who am I to argue!

Weather was great and we did the dew taking the local bus one day into Peurto Plata City where I dropped 1100 pesos at the post office. Following week it was off to Caberate again by local bus. Round trip by cab would have been $70 USA round trip as compared to our mode of transport which was roughly $11. Entertainment value of the trip was priceless especially after a drunk local female got off the bus and left without paying. A fellow on the bus translated the exchange for us which amounted to the passenger saying she had left her money at the bar whereas the bus driver told her in no uncertain language where to go. Did get to meet my counterpart...the Peso Pirate of Caberate who tried to soak me for $22 for the T-shirt he was holding...just gave him the 1000 yard stare.

Detecting time was limited with several days a high winds kept me out of the water and off the beach least I be sand blasted.

Did find a first for this ole dog. A transformer which was more than meets the eye and required a 10 year old to operate.

Anyway here is the finds for the 2 weeks which included a piece of gold chain (not totally sure on that one) gold earing,2 buttons, keys that included a handcuff key(some one will miss that one),30 Dominican coins,15 assorted worldwide coins and 4 rings of which 2 are silver.

One of the better vacations vacation wise with lots of quality time with the Hunny Bunny.

Re: :canadaflag:Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata Plunders
Posted by: fongu
Date: April 25, 2018 02:11PM
Glad to hear you got to do some dirt fishing and you and hunny bunny enjoyed themselves. HH. Nice finds and bus is always cheaper than cabs. Last trip I made to Amsterdam in 2007 I was running late and caught a cab instead of the tram and train to the airport and they socked it to me.

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