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:canadaflag:Thy Holy Ground
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: June 09, 2018 12:45PM
He made thy holy ground. And it was good. Men gave thanks and joy but something was missing. The "Big Guy" was amiss. They pray, they eat and they sleep.

One day Abner Doubleday of the Hittights picked a rock up. It felt good. Looking skyward he hurled the most humble of rock which fell to earth. Hailing a fellow member of his tribe he threw the rock to him. An unholy sound as the rock bounced off his fellow man who gave an ungodly cry. After saying a prayer Abner's fellow tribe member,John of Smoltz who was a brave man threw the rock back at Abner...a resounding thunk. Abner was smitten.

The "Big Guy" looked down and saw that this was good. It came to pass that "catch" became bat and
throw. Followed by rounders from "bases' made of camel dung which smelled as well as flattened, to big rocks that caused great pain to the followers of the "Big Guy." Abner prayed. A vision came to him. Bases should be three. Everyone tries to get home. Bases should be made from straw sewn together with the hides of cattle used to give thanks and praise to the "Big Guy." During an unholy storm of hail it hit Abner that the sewn hide of straw should be round like thy holy orb. The "Big Guy" was pleased and sent Mosses Alew to the mountain to secure thy holy commandments for this past time. The sewn hide was thrown with the speed of lightening bolts. Runners of the bases became fleet of foot whilst the on lookers cheered, booed and cried as their tribes took to battle on thy field. The Hittights now prayed on the morning of the Sabbath and played on the "Big Guy's" field of dreams in the later day.

Centuries later a swinger of the white orb of the House of Garrett stumbled onto the ruins of a flat field behind a modern day house of education. A signal............"Praise the Lord" escaped from the lips of the minion from the House of Garrett.

For the next 115 measures of time more artifacts, coins and things of wonderment were located, examined and put in the uniform pocket of the Garrett minion. it was the "Big Guy's" will that he had fulfilled his master's quota. he was now free to return to his humble abode and view on a flat screen the ancient game of rounder featuring the Bleu Jays of Toronto and The Orioles of Baltimore.

Re: :canadaflag:Thy Holy Ground
Posted by: WaterWalker
Date: June 10, 2018 10:55AM
HOLY GRAIL! You be the right-hand man. Dilly, Dilly. Jays have 3, Orioles need to take flight. I guess I know where you will be at 1:07 today and its not looking for Quota and NoGo will not be going anywhere. Enjoy and Thanks for spreading the word and giving me a happy face today.

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