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GTI 1500
Posted by: fematrailer
Date: June 13, 2018 04:39PM
I have an opportunity to buy a used GTI 1500 with the old style white imaging coil for $200. I called Garrett and they told me that coil can separate and get moisture in there and they told me how to check it out but what are y’all’s experience with the old coil? Is this still a great deal? I have an ATPRO, and aTesoro Vaquero. Do I have My bases covered already or is there something beneficial to the 1500 besides the Imaging?

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Re: GTI 1500
Posted by: abcoin
Date: June 27, 2018 11:07PM
I own a white-coil 1500 and have used the AT Pro and the Vaquero. Your bases are well-covered already.

The 1500 is a fine machine, but I've yet to find something it can do better than either the Pro or the Vaq. Technology has improved since the 1500 came out: both the Pro and the Vaq have modulated audio, while the GTI doesn't. The GTI is also a battery hog by modern standards, running on eight AAs instead of the Pro's four or the Vaq's single 9V.

That said, I still get a kick out of the GTI's imaging and love taking it out occasionally for that reason. I also love the classic Garrett green housing.

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