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Shopping in Boston?
Posted by: Thylacine
Date: June 14, 2018 08:41AM
My wife will be in Boston for two weeks visiting relatives and said that she would grab a Garrett pan set for me, where would be a good place to pick one up? I think she is staying just south of Boston (suburbs).

Re: Shopping in Boston?
Posted by: WaterWalker
Date: June 23, 2018 09:01PM
Try this link:

I used Quincy for the location, you might be able to get closer, but south of Boston covers a large area.

Re: Shopping in Boston?
Posted by: Thylacine
Date: June 25, 2018 06:43AM
WaterWalker, thanks for the reply, Kerry didn't manage to do any shopping in Boston, too busy meeting her uncle for the first time, now she is in NYC. She is visiting the USA for another week and then heading home to OZ! The idea was to save some money on the panning set as down here they cost more than twice what you guys pay in the USA! As an example, in the USA the Garrett Deluxe Gold Trap Panning Kit costs $49.95 but in OZ the same kit costs $109.00, bit of a difference.....

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