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AT Pro rings through...
Posted by: controlfreq
Date: July 13, 2018 11:53PM
Got a phone call from a guy at work tonight around 2100 hrs wanting to discuss safety equipment for the new hire. Now this guy is generally pretty considerate and extremely pragmatic, so calling this late on a Friday is a little out of sorts...

After we discussed the company business, he paused a bit and then started asking about metal detectors, how to use them, (detecting titanium wedding rings), etc. After I briefed him with a short technical discussion, he said that his newly wed son had just lost his wedding band playing volley ball. I offered to go Sunday, loan the detector, etc... but then realized his son was still there searching in the sand and was not going to leave. I already had the AT Pro in the truck (intended to go today but didn't make it) so all I had to do was get dressed again and go. Park was only about 20 minutes (in this megalopolis that's a stone's through.)

I'm getting old; this place had a dozen or more sand volley ball courts full of kids from early teens to early 30s and it's close to 2200 by now; I was almost in bed when he called. My coworker met me there since I didn't know his son. The son showed me where he thought it was lost. Before leaving I did a quick Google to see what the VDI number was for titanium.

After setting for Zero mode, I dropped the coil on the sand and started swinging. First target was a buried metal stob that set the court corner boundary. I continued swinging and maybe 15 seconds later hit another target reading about 65. I scooped but missed. I swung again (target seemed elusive) but finally getting a good signal, I raised the coil and switched to pin point mode. After pin pointing, I made one scoop about 4 inches and out came the ring. Suddenly the crowd (close to a couple hundred) at the volley ball court burst into applause. I was there all of about 5 minutes. It took longer to find a parking spot. If there was ever an "A Team" surgical strike by a MD'ist, this was it.

That was one happy young fellow though. Made me happy too knowing I just saved a young guy from sleeping in the dog house for who knows how long... us guys have to stick together on these things. :)

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Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: July 14, 2018 06:33PM
He got his ring back, you "found" a ring, you became a hero :clap: and gave all of us a " GOLD STAR PLUS" reputation.

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