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Older garrett owner
Posted by: dfg4240
Date: July 20, 2018 08:35PM
works both ways.I'm 78 and just getting back into detecting.
Must have had over 45 or 50 detectors. I have a shadow X3 that I bough a few years back online here I think and he had a video on it showing that it could pick up a nickel at 17". (in air)
It did and still does and is the only detector that I have left. I bought a place right on lake Ontario about 4 yrs ago and never detected there or even thought about it.
A couple of weeks ago I saw someone detecting off the country rd near where I live. He had a detector that I always wanted to try --a GTI 1500.
He did not dig up one can or large metal piece.
HE hooked me and I was thinking that I had access to a lot of places people can't get to especially after lake Ontario flooded a lot of people out last year and a lot of big cliffs fell down.
I put an ad in and got a real nice minty sort of 1500 but that was right after I just bought an excellent GTI 2500. Now I have two.
Wish me luck and I will post what I find.David
I would be interested in what settings I should be using or some tips.from some long term users.

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Re: Older garrett owner
Posted by: Gamma_Joe
Date: July 21, 2018 08:56PM
Hey man, dfg4240,

Best of luck with your GTI2500.

Mine is the best detector I've ever owned. That's out of a dozen "top of the line" detectors.

Two features: the GTI's target imaging, and its shallow depth elimination, are unmatched anywhere else. I can cover more ground for the deeper targets, see what's there before digging, and dig less junk.

(Can always come back later for the shallow stuff, if I want to.)

The only thing that would make me part with the GTI2500 would be if Garrett comes out with a new model with target imaging and shallow elimination features. A model's name means nothing. To me, it isn't a "Max" detector unless it has those features.

Cheers and happy hunting,


Re: Older garrett owner
Posted by: dfg4240
Date: July 25, 2018 06:45PM
I hear you -I have had three tejons-two Cibolas plus about six other tesoros.
I also had about six minelabs five whites and two garrett's besides the two that I have today.
I still have the shadow X3 that picks up a nickel at 17" and will never sel that but two shadow X5's and some older detectors.

I just got back from the cottage today and looked around the property and brought out the 2500.

I only looked for coins in the penny dime size.
What a great detector this is. I am blown away and @#$%& off I that I never looked at it before. sure some of the beeps sound the same but this tells you the size.
In just a short time I found two pennies and a dime.
I did not dig up any bottlecaps or tabs
I think this might be my favorite detector but I have to take it to the cliffs to find out.
Now I am wondering If I want to keep the GTI 1500 which I will probably keep anyway-Just great shape and just as easy to operate.
I know all the rhetoric about deep down but honestly I am getting older and just don't want to dig 15" down just to find out it is iron.
I will take the top 6" with the garrett and be happy.

I know and feel I will find a lot of coin with this detector.

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