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:canadaflag:Operation: ring of silver
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: September 02, 2018 03:01PM
The double "O" section was put on high alert with all leave cancelled. I could smell a mission and was not disappointed as "M" called me into her office.

"Bluenoser this mission calls for finesse not a blunt instrument. Listen and listen carefully....whites and darks are to be separated I'll send in "Tide Pod" to assist you on this one. I know its a dangerous operation but should you complete it some "R&R" is in order."

"Thanks Mum" I retorted and set about preparing for the mission. Sorted...check...Tide Pod on site...check! Into the mix they went. Simple in and out mission that I felt that I had handled rather well.

Upon extraction I was devastated! "M" had not mentioned to check the pockets! My operational notebook had gone through the wringer. It was devastated, knackered, obliterated. All those previous missions gone a wash! Times. dates. Numbers all gone. "M" was immediately , at least in my mind put on the need to know list and she was one who didn't need to know. Informants from the light side had gone dark.....gone an off the grid!

My notebook was but a blur of a white fluffy glob gone bad.

To make matters worse I had damaged my watch taking out the laundry from the washer to the dryer which immediately caused a flashback from "Q" branch...…."Bluenoser bring this equipment back in pristine shape."

I went rouge grabbing Quota Guru and joining up with Nogo who just got back from injury leave. Appears that he got the screw on his last mission...$40 later it was removed from the driver's side rear tire.

I had to uncover who was behind this string of bad luck. Bouncing off Quota Guru I found the key!

The key. But to where and what? The clue was there on the next find. A number….was it mine or one from the opposition. I was in the dog house!


Nothing came to mind. The rings of deceit closed in. Then Like a sculpin after a dead fish laying on the bottom it sunk into me...….my arch enemy.....Tworingsilver!

I did an "Oddjob" to the right and captured the entire ring of 50!

I was shaken but not stirred as I returned to MI6 to report to "M" who was no where to be found. What the halibut I deposited the captured $11.65 to the operational fund entitled " Leigh on Seas
Infiltration" which is on schedule for November 5th. Till then I am on an in house assignment to find a mole....on Moneypenny's backside!

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