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Garrett GTI 2500 with pro pack
Posted by: dfg4240
Date: September 06, 2018 01:07AM
Just wondering again about this darn detector.
It does do things others can't
Maybe I should sell my makro racer 2 and notka fors relic and just have two detectors.
Fisher F5 and a new GTI 2500 Pro Pack for a greatt price.
How does this old timer detector stand up to modern detectors. one of my concerns is the beach.
Lake Ontario has a lot of beach and a lot of people there all the time.I have access to a lot of beach that most people can't get to.
I heard it does not do well in wet sand.
There seems to be some sales with prices all over the place. If I keep my detectors then I will have four.
Does that seem like a lot for one person.
Anyway I have to make up my mind soon because I am working on a couple of deals

Re: Garrett GTI 2500 with pro pack
Posted by: Orion42
Date: September 06, 2018 06:24AM
I also have four detectors but my 2500 is my go to unit. I've used it at freshwater beaches with no issues but usually take the AT-Pro to the water.


Re: Garrett GTI 2500 with pro pack
Posted by: dfg4240
Date: September 06, 2018 02:07PM
OK thanks
I had a chance to buy a GTI package returned to a dealer.
This was the $1300 package supposedly.
He sent pics of it in the box but not pics of everything-headphones books video two coils etc etc covers.
He was down to a low price very low but I backed out . I don't want to post the price because it might just be a one shot deal to get rid of it and would not be fair to other dealers.
I also see some crazy prices on you know where but I hear there is some danger buying there.
I read here in your forum the the AT Pro out does The GTI 2500 in depth and on the beach.
IS this true. That's a big difference in price..
I still want to get one sometime somewhere after I start selling my detectors.
Seems like things have really slowed down in the market.
Happy hunting guys.

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