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So the At Pro & the Infinium team up for a case of Beer
Posted by: Dancer
Date: October 04, 2018 05:33AM
Was hunting around a parking lot early the other morning. Lady pulls up, asked if I could help her and her husband find some property pegs. So before I could say anything , she blurts out. Ill pay you! Naw, I said, but I do have a little drinking problem. (Jokingly) A case of beer then? Sold. So we get out there, pegs turned out to be rebar. Buried. Pro found first 2 after a little while. But couldn't come up with #3. So we measured it off, than I got the Inferno with a 14" Mono. Two sweeps and that strong iron grunt sounds off. Raised the coil , still strong. I called it, and it was there. Last 2 pegs we eye balled above ground. We all had a can, and I took off. $22 American, pretty good spill.

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