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Horse shoes!
Posted by: controlfreq
Date: December 03, 2018 12:56PM
A friend of the wife has been talking about some properties she has out in the country that have had a variety of businesses and other stuff on them the past couple hundred years. The wife mentioned a few times about my metal detecting addiction... eh, I mean Hobby, so recently we loaded up and drove out. Had the ATP, Infinium, and even the seldom used Tesoro in tow but the ladies seemed content to just watch me dig...

First place I dropped down I thought the ATP had shorted out a wire there were so many iron signals. I searched around a few more seconds until I found a higher tone with better numbers; Al can piece, so swung some more and another Al can piece. "Have you ever hauled in any fill dirt?" I asked her, "yes", so we moved to the edge of where she thought the fill ended. Now I'm just getting strong iron signals. She had previously mentioned that this location was thought to have had a blacksmith or farrier back in the day. I started digging and pulled up a horse shoe... then another horse shoe. After all was done, we had 18 horse shoes, some with the nails still in them, several of what we think are plow blades, and maybe a knife blade plus some unknown iron items. We barely scratched the surface (I'm thinking maybe we hit his scrap pile.) I can see us returning there pretty soon to do some more pinging, the friend is really interested in the history of that area and was estatic over the horse shoes. The targets were so plentiful I actually stopped using the ATP and just used the Pin Pointer down on my hands and knees. Rumor is the business was destroyed in a fire so no telling what may be buried there. We also found a couple of items that may be jigs for bending the shoes to size. The horse shoes were different sizes from small ponies to draft horses. Gotta admit, I was exhausted afterwards but it was a fun afternoon. Pretty sure we are going back in the near future. Hope to get some pictures but her friend wanted to clean them up a little. This area was established in the mid to late 1800's and continuously occupied ever since so I've got high hopes on what some of the high numbers may yield... :)

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Re: Horse shoes!
Posted by: Dancer
Date: December 04, 2018 03:06AM
I'd say that's going to be a very interesting site. Keep us up on that one control.

Re: Horse shoes!
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: December 13, 2018 07:42PM
Sure in area for a real old coin or two one thinks.....blacksmith shops were like the barber shops of the 50's so indeed should be a coin or two with all the human traffic...

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