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Sea Hunter XL 500 Pulse ... HELP
Posted by: kalky7
Date: September 29, 2008 01:50PM
History: After looking for a zillion years for a used water machine, I finally get an ancient Garrett Sea Hunter XL Pulse. It came with all the attachments, battery charger (both plug-in and car charger). Yes, it weighs a few ounces short of a ton, but the battery took a charge and everything seemed good to go. I head out to the local State Park that has a beach and am greeted with a "Beach Closed" sign. UGH!

THIS WEEKEND: The trip to the beach happened last weekend so I have had all week to sulk. I have found a few other options in the area so I figured I would just try out the machine in the backyard. I downloaded the manual from the Garrett site and read up. Based on what the manual stated and what happened in my yard, I am more than a little worried that my Sea Hunter may have seen better days!

QUESTIONS: First, I should be able to use the MD in dirt correct? I know it may sound stupid, but I just want to make sure. Second, the manual states that I should be able to "eliminate" targets by using the Eliminator knob. This is where I think I have a problem. I started out with ZERO elimination and gradually worked up until it was MAXED out. Only problem is I continued to find one and only one type of target. What was it you may ask? Well, ask my friend and he will let you know!

I hunted in my own yard which has been crazy productive. I KNOW there has to be something I have missed besides this stuff! I will say this machine was incredibly good at finding even the smallest piece of nail.

So, is this type of machine even capable of discriminating? I thought PI machines were all metal but the manual stated otherwise. Is this even considered a PI machine?

Please HELP!


Re: Sea Hunter XL 500 Pulse ... HELP
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: September 29, 2008 07:05PM
Well, you purchased a PI, and all pi's love to read iron. Iron is what you have in your backyard, so iron is what your machine found. If there had been some copper, gold or silver, your machine would have found that too. The machine you have can not disc out iron, nor can any other effectively. PI's are not recommended to be used in trashy areas. Try it out in the water or at a beach that has been hunted out. Then you will start to see some positive results.

Re: Sea Hunter XL 500 Pulse ... HELP
Posted by: Uncle Willy
Date: September 29, 2008 07:58PM
PI's are not VLF's but perform like a VLF in all metal all the time. It's basically a "dig everything" machine. It's designed to find all metals including gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, aluminum, meteorites, and iron.


Re: Sea Hunter XL 500 Pulse ... HELP
Posted by: drayegon
Date: October 02, 2008 04:23AM
Re read the manual several times. If you are not getting it straightened out. Look at the Infinium LS manual. It shows many things that will help you come up with Ideas to fix your problems. I happen to have an Infinium LS which is a PI machine. I am always amused at the guys who have the VLF machines and seem to think that because I have a PI machine I can not find anything except at the beach in salt water. They can't find anything there with their machines so they figure that I wont find anything either place. I love going right behind them and by giving them a ten or fifteen foot lead I then start making finds and boy do they get tired of that noise. NO pun. Many of them can not even use their machines once I have turned mine on. and god help them if there are power lines with in two blocks or so. I have now bought three of the DVDs that Garrett sells for the detectors boy does watching them help. I have picked up everything from big nuggets and hot quartz with veins in them to solid nuggies and things as small as a number six bird shot. I made up some pieces of scotch tape with flakes of gold wrapped up and then bury them as deep as 6 to 8 inches and with some samples even as deep as two foot. Still dont give up on any PI machine as they will once you learn how to use them run rings around the VLF machines. I have taken more than a few side bets from those who think My PI machine wont find gold. I found the required two poker chips the last time and a real nugget besides. Boy that put a sour look one of the guys face.


Re: Sea Hunter XL 500 Pulse ... HELP
Posted by: lazyaussie
Date: October 02, 2008 06:00AM
man that pic is funny :laugh::heh::rofl:.

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