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Aquasearch or Aquasound/
Posted by: rarysgaard
Date: December 08, 2011 10:01PM
Found a good used Aquasearch for sale on google the other day, but it was sold. I am looking for information where you can find a distributor for an Aquasearch or a aquasound made by Florida Electronics. Any information would be appreciated.Thanks.

Re: Aquasearch or Aquasound/
Posted by: Tony
Date: December 13, 2011 09:37PM
So long as you know that the Aquasearch is a PI and the Aquasound is a TR so we are talking about two very different machines.
If you do a search on "Aquasound" then you should find plenty of information.....mostly by me as I own the Aquasound.

I live in Perth, Australia where the Aquasound works very well in the white sand beaches but more recently, I search other locations where the Aquasound struggles. I may be selling the Aquasound soon.


Good info Tony
Posted by: therover
Date: December 14, 2011 08:02PM
I was going to point that out to Rarysgaard too. If he ends up in places where there is black sand or high mineralization with the Aquasound, he may be in trouble.

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