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Tesoro Stingray 2
Posted by: maryej13
Date: March 05, 2017 03:11PM
I got a Tesoro Stingray 2 last month. I am trying to learn it. I can't find enough information on setting the inside knobs. The manual doesn't tell which knob is what. Can someone please help me?

Re: Tesoro Stingray 2
Posted by: gotmud49
Date: August 01, 2017 11:22PM
I am having the same problem. I recently sent mine in to fix a broken latch. They replaced the coil and went through it and now I can't pin point with it. I haven't taken the next step to call them for some assistance.

Re: Tesoro Stingray 2
Posted by: 6666
Date: August 03, 2017 12:27AM
The handbook seems to match any picture I can find of a Tesoro Stingray 2

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