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Have Surfmaster Dual Field PI - NEED FOUR MORE INCHES!!!
Posted by: BenjaminE
Date: July 12, 2017 10:50AM

I am a new poster. And, I am posting out of desperation. I own three Surfmaster PI Dual Fields. Since late 2015, I have recovered hundreds of rings. I can detect for seven hours at a stretch, when fully conditioned. And, I have developed all of my own methods. Also, I am generally happy to dig most trash, minus large pieces of iron. I use the trash, and coin, info to determine what the ground is like under the surface. Studying trash and coins helps me to predict where I will find gold. So, I am not adverse to digging. Also, I am not adverse to digging deep. If it takes 20-30 minutes to extract a small target, I will do it, because I know that old heavy gold frequently is found just as deep as fishing weights, and old heavy coins.

Okay, here is the deal. I have areas where I can dig down by hand to bedrock at about eighteen to twenty inches - around elbow deep. In these places, I cannot get a signal for any small target on the bedrock. I know that stuff is down there. Hundreds of people are in the water, everyday. They drop coins, rings, earrings, and such. I just cannot reach it with my Surfmaster Dual Field P.I. I think I can get a heavy ring at 14-16 inches, but not 18-20 inches. As a result, I have been waiting for a hurricane for two years... In the surrounding areas, where the bedrock is not so deep, I can reach the stuff. But, not at 18-20 inches.

For those who may wonder, I run the detector at full gain, 100%. The threshold is just barely audible. And, the sensitivity knob is just turned "on", so it is super sensitive. I do not have trouble with magnetic rocks, or iron. It is all coral.

I have asked Whites for a year when they will come out with a deeper submersible detector. I do not need discrimation. But, I do need about three to four more inches of depth. It seems to me that the TDI goes deeper, maybe due to higher power. But, it is not submersible!

So, if I cannot get this resolved within the next year or so - if there is no other submersible detector offered that goes deeper - would it be worth paying something to try to make a housing for a TDI?? Or, did renowned Eric Foster develop a deeper submersible PI machine??? Should I be looking for some other submersible PI machine? The people at Whites seem very quiet about all of this. So, it is hard to remain hopeful. Ideally, I would like to see a Dual Field PI second version that goes three to four inches deeper... That is all I am asking for.

All suggestions would be appreciated. Also, I am throwing in a photo of my last 37 gold rings, seen on the left.

Thanks to everyone in advance.


P.S. I usually never post on these forums. But, I am surprised by some of the things that people write. Pure gold is twice as dense as lead. Therefore, it sinks. So, if you want to find 18k you need to be willing to dig as deep as you find heavy lead fishing weights. If you don't want to dig this deep, then I think that you will be missing alot of gold. Yes, you might find recent drops. But, gold that is twenty years old and older is frequently deep.

Re: Have Surfmaster Dual Field PI - NEED FOUR MORE INCHES!!!
Posted by: Tony
Date: July 14, 2017 05:52AM
The (no longer available) Aquastar would probably have achieved that extra depth you were after.

Re: Have Surfmaster Dual Field PI - NEED FOUR MORE INCHES!!!
Posted by: lytle78
Date: July 14, 2017 09:23AM
Here is a video comparing several PI detectors depth at the beach on a large gold ring

It's in French but that really makes no difference - the results are in text

The last detector used is a Manta PI prototype developed by Alexandre Tartar in France – he's worked about 10 years developing new PI detector designs which were basically for the developments of the concepts that Eric Foster established. Alexandre has now been hired by Fisher in is working with them on PI development

Hopefully within the next year or so you'll see Fisher launch a product based on this technology - Carl Moreland the first Texas has confirmed that they are going ahead with PI development

Rick Kempf

a link on fast basket coil to do
Posted by: kt315
Date: July 14, 2017 06:53PM
Re: Have Surfmaster Dual Field PI - NEED FOUR MORE INCHES!!!
Posted by: BenjaminE
Date: July 22, 2017 12:35PM

Re: Have Surfmaster Dual Field PI - NEED FOUR MORE INCHES!!!
Posted by: lucar
Date: July 29, 2017 11:24PM

As for the Surfamster you can gain a little more sensitvity by running it at 12 volts building a custom battery pack. You'll do it at your own risk since this is'nt officially supported by Whites.

As for a more a better machine I did the following:

Bought a TDI sl

Mod it to make it quite as sensible as a Pro

Waterproof it

I've tested the unit all past summer season and now I don't feel I need anything else. I now have to abandon digging 10% of targets because they are simply too deep to uncover.

Beaware: waterproofing a TDI is not a simple task and involves the risk of destroying the electronics or loosing it at the first dive if things are not really well done. Furthermore , it's still not clear to me if Whites approves this idea or not, so I'll not disclose any comments about how to accomplish this since it involves asking whites to sell some spare parts.

Last but not least, it's a quite expensive task.


Re: Have Surfmaster Dual Field PI - NEED FOUR MORE INCHES!!!
Posted by: lucar
Date: July 29, 2017 11:28PM
You can look here for inspiration even if Cjc
did a rather bulky and impractical mod .


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