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White's MX Sport Headphones to Excal?
Posted by: Coach "D"
Date: March 22, 2018 09:24PM
Hello Everyone,

I have an Excalibur 800 (Old Blue, but not the original Blue) that now has faulty headphones. I have previously done the P E L T O R upgrade to the phones themselves, but the wiring is now deteriorating. I am interested in wiring up a set of the Whites to replace the current failing set. Does anyone know what the wire to wire connection would be, if even possible? I do know the Excal has only two wires connected to the pcb in the control pod. The Whites has 4 pins. I will be removing the top of the pod and running through the same entry point as the current phones.
Thanks for any tips or tricks!
This would normally have been a job for OBN, but I have not seen him around, and no youtube videos in a few years.

Coach "D"

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Re: White's MX Sport Headphones to Excal?
Posted by: antigrav1117
Date: June 03, 2018 06:55PM
Well- I thought I was going to be able to answer your question, as I bought a used set of MX Sport headphones off fleabay (six months ago) and just got around to testing them. DVM shows no resistance at all between ANY of the four wires. Figures I bought a bum set. So- I'm shortly gonna cut them open and post a wiring diagram. Maybe we'll get something useful out of them after all. My old Blues off my Excalibur have deteriorated- not just the wiring- the piezo broke apart on one side- ouwie.. LOL - so me being the tear it all apart guy I am- snatched up the used MX sports with the intention of putting them on the excal. It is noteworthy to mention the MX Sports are NOT intended to be disassembled. Muffs are GLUED on and will tear if not removed slowly and carefully.
After that- you'll find the cup housings are sealed, even though they have drain holes. It must be (again) carefully cut apart to get at the insides. I will post pictures. OBN will be laughing his butt off.. heh

Re: White's MX Sport Headphones to Excal?
Posted by: antigrav1117
Date: June 03, 2018 07:40PM
Ok- so I managed to scoop a set of MX Sport headphones that suffered a failure I have never seen. Both piezo's are wide open- as in infinite ohms. Wow. In any case- what you have is simple. Each piezo is fully wired so you get four wires. Red and Black go to one side, White and Green go to the other. Piezo's are small, only 36mm, and have a light coating of clear silicone over them in the back. For some reason I cannot get the pic on my phone to send- grr.. I live in the boonies.. LOL- but I'll post a pic as soon as it does. I should note here that there are bubbles in the silicone- or whatever it is- I think someone tested them in a way that was severly detrimental.. in any case- if yours are functional- you'll need to test them on the excal to discover if they work better in series or in parallel. They must be 8 ohms. I can tell you that 4 ohms will not work- it isn't enough resistance to develop an output from the audio chip (op-amp) and you'll get zero sound. 16 ohms - 32 ohms will work, but I cannot say which is louder- too many factors.. order a 2 pin motherboard connector for the cpu fan and you can rig up a test connection. I haven't yet been able to source the original two pin audio connector the excal uses- and forget radio shack. Most likely at Digi-key but that'll take time.
Or- you could SELL the MX Sports and buy a set of Sea Hunter Mk II headphones.. I can tell you first hand they are a WONDERFUL replacement for my excal blues- loud and clear and well built. I used an IP68 connector to connect the SH wires to the excal headphone wires. Viola. Music!! I know this post is way late but maybe still of use to someone!

Keep on swingin!!!

Re: White's MX Sport Headphones to Excal?
Posted by: antigrav1117
Date: June 03, 2018 08:23PM
Finally got the pic to transfer-

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