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sd2200 v2 or 3500
Posted by: bunn leonard
Date: February 22, 2006 07:51PM
looking for deep relic hunting machine, which would you choose? the v2 has disc. for iron?? im clueless tired of using toys like the xs2 good machine but want depth and disc.Can I learn the diff. on the 3500 or is the 2200 better for my needs dig relics in Va. any suggestions would be great.Leonard Bunn

Re: sd2200 v2 or 3500
Posted by: nugget
Date: November 15, 2007 08:36AM
Hi, I have used the SD2200d and the GP3500. The GP will give you better depth because it is a lot quieter than the SD. The GP also has the disc capabilities of the SD. You can use large monos with the GP that would cause the SD to scream it's guts out. I have used many types of detectors over the last 14 years. VLF, BBS, FBS, and PI. I own a SD2100 that has been relegated to back up machine. I currently use an InfiniumLS from Garrett. It is good on relics, Nuggets and Beach hunting, surf and I scuba with this unit. Giving that it is half the price of a minelab and is waterproof to 200 feet, and you don't have to lug 12v motor bike batt around, I feel that is the best detector for the money on the market today. I am not affiliated with either company in any way, I am a full time detector operator with my speciality being electronic prospecting, and I hunt the surf and beaches to pay the rent when the gold is not forthcoming. Makes you appreciate the good times. Regards Nugget.:detecting:

Re: sd2200 v2 or 3500
Posted by: willy
Date: November 15, 2007 11:37AM
Hey there Nugget. How would you rate the Infinium against the the Minelab PI's for depth and sensitivity to small/large gold nuggets? A buddy of mine found a pile of gold up in northern Alaska with his Infinium, but I've always wondered. It's hard to find an objective comparison 'cause it seems the Minelab PI boys like to engage in senseless badmouthing over decent comparisons (eg... wiggly control rod). ..Willy.

Re: sd2200 v2 or 3500
Posted by: nugget
Date: November 15, 2007 06:12PM
Hey Willy, I have found that the minelab is a little more sensitive to smaller nuggets using the 14"DDcoiltek coil to date. I have done comparisons with a 1 gram nugget in a medicine bottle. The results were suprising in that the SD with 14"DD coiltek coil picked it up, The Infinium was only just picking it up with the standard 14x10'DD. However the test is flawed because of the nugget not being in situ. I am going to make a test bed in the side of a creek bank, shallow 2"and 6" medium 12" and deep 18". By drilling into the side of the bank the detectors would have to penetrate the extreme mineralized ground and find the nuggets. I will use a variety of nugget sizes, from .05 up to 1oz. The infinium is quiet to operate, and I have found minute targets that have good signals strength. I have dug 50c coins (Aussie coin) at depths of 15"+ in wet sand, The beaches have numerous layers of black sand that make it hard for magnetic fields to penetrate however the Infinium handles it with ease. The Infinium requires only x8 AA batt and it has discrimination to the depth of the target. There are aftermarket coils available for the infinium, and soon I reckon there will be larger coils available. I would like a large mono for the infinium (18 to 24") All in all the difference between them is minimal with the minelabs finding nuggets down to .01 of a gram and the infinium down to .03 of a gram. It will take a lot of .01's to make up the difference. Plus if you get caught in the rain you don't have to panic as it is waterproof to 200'. Hope this helps. Regards Nugget.:smile:

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Re: sd2200 v2 or 3500
Posted by: HRB
Date: March 15, 2008 02:45PM
I would really like to know the out come of your field testing between these machines. I have been wondering exactly the same things. I'm torn between buying the mindlab 2200v2, the Garret Infinium LS.

Thanks, HRB

Re: sd2200 v2 or 3500
Posted by: steve herschbach
Date: March 18, 2008 11:07AM
Hi Leonard,

The SD2200v2 and GP 3500 both have an "iron blanking" form of disc that only works on strong, shallow iron targets. It will sometimes mis-identify some small non-ferrous targets as iron in mineralized soil, but that is of more concern when nugget detecting than relic hunting.

With both units you also get a tone id to full depth. But this is not a VLF type id. It is a tone relative to the ground reject point. In general small or low conductive items give a hi/lo tone. Large items or high conductive items give a lo/hi tone.

By using a combination of the tones and the surface blanking system you can get a fairly good ability to sort some types of targets. Lo/hi tones in particular would tend to be productive. Hi/lo tones can be generated by all sorts of small trashy items. But bullets and buttons would also give a hi/lo tone.

Not a perfect system, but if you had a place that was very productive that is now "cleaned out" a PI could bring it back to life.

The GP 3500 has smoother threshold and is better on tiny items. It is the better gold nugget machine. But for relics I think the SD2200v2 is every bit as good. I still have an SD2200v2 I use in addition to my GPX units. It is my backup unit and loaner machine. Nobody touches my GPX!

Steve Herschbach

Re: sd2200 v2 or 3500
Posted by: BURGESS88
Date: February 14, 2010 07:25PM

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