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Re: Gold Bug 2 Help Needed
Posted by: Sam Burgin
Date: July 30, 2009 03:48PM
Steve, the issue came up when I asked a guy at a local commercial operation to show me how to use the GB2 to find specimins and nuggets. The demonstration went very well, but I could not replicate it with my GB2 independently. So the owner of the mine took my GB2 and worked with it and said "yours isn't working" and picked up the GB2 of a friend and went off with it. He showed up 5 minutes later and said that one was wacky also. Then he went to the office and picked up a brand new one and it did the same thing. First thing, then another, then we have an epidemic. Couple that with my inability to explain the situation and you have our present difficulty.

My problem is that I don't want to send it to Fisher because I have $ for a MD-20 you quoted, and that will eat into that fund.

I tried to get into the control box, but I have no clue how to open it. When the detector, or any part of the detector changes directions, I get the little pop.

I backed the thresh hold to 0 and the ID got quieter, at 100% it was much rattier. I wonder if the potentiometer is defective? In any event, the ID and thresh hold are not exactly independent, at least not on this one.

Interestingly, when I called Fisher yesterday, Engineering was monitoring the forum. Hi Dave, Daniel, and Frank.

Re: Gold Bug 2 Help Needed
Posted by: steve herschbach
Date: July 30, 2009 04:27PM
Hi Sam,

I think your unit is bad. If you want warranty repairs, do not open the unit up and start tinkering with it. Best bet is to get itback to Fisher.

Steve Herschbach

Re: Gold Bug 2 Help Needed
Posted by: Sam Burgin
Date: July 30, 2009 08:04PM
Steve - you got mail

Re: Gold Bug 2 Help Needed
Posted by: Sam Burgin
Date: July 31, 2009 09:54AM
I'll take Fisher Detectors for $100 Alex.

Answer:26 units to date

Question: What is the current count of known Gold Bug 2's with the same problem as described in this thread?

Normally, I would be the first one to send my unit for repair, but I believe Fisher can go to the warehouse and pick any of the new ones being sold and replicate what is going on with mine. The reports vary from my discriminator issues, to reduced sensitivity, to hyper radio frequency interference.

Re: Gold Bug 2 Help Needed
Posted by: NCGrampa
Date: August 03, 2009 11:08AM
I took my GBII for a spin this weekend. It still has a crackle in ID mode, but when I ran it over a gold flake in ID mode, it made the distinctive "beep" ALMOST every time. When I ran it over a tiny peice of iron - just more crackle/pop.

So, it works! MOSTLY. I think I have found the problem. There's Rice Krispies in the circuit. :surprised:

Re: Gold Bug 2 Help Needed
Posted by: Dave J.
Date: August 07, 2009 11:45PM
The Gold Bug 2 discrimination system is different from coinshooting and relic hunting discriminators. Gold prospecting is almost always done outside urban areas, and the need for the highest sensitivity possible meant that the discriminator was designed to be silenced (if necessary) primarily through sweeping it over the ground, not through control settings which are set for best operation in the all metals "autotune" mode.

We have researched the history of what the Gold Bug 2 does in discrimination mode by comparing several units new in-house and older units in-house and sent to us by customers, as well as the original lab notes from the prototype of October 1994, and we find no evidence of any systematic change in how the discriminator was manufactured or adjusted. What has changed is the electrical interference environment that Gold Bug 2's are being used in.

Part of the confusion in this thread (and in the factory's attempts to figure out what was going on) turned out to be that one of the Gold Bug 2's which was relevant to this thread had a bad searchcoil, which has been replaced.

The whole issue of electrical interference in metal detectors (not just the Gold Bug 2) is discussed in detail in the 7 August 09 essay post on the Fisher F-series forum.

Two people in beeperlandia who were following this thread sent us their own personal GB2's for evaluation in hopes of helping us unravel the mystery. I wish to express my gratitude for the role they played in helping us make sense out of what was for a while a real puzzle to us.

--Dave J.

Re: Gold Bug 2 Help Needed
Posted by: Sam Burgin
Date: August 08, 2009 02:57PM
Dave, I take it one of the units had no issues, since you mentioned no solution. The other unit then, would be the one I have used.

When testing my GB2 against this unit, we exchanged coils, with the same results. So this could explain that one.

Now we just have to figure out why one coil worked on the "control" GB2, and not on two other GB2's.

There remains a gremlin within!

What did I do with that RA?

Re: Gold Bug 2 Help Needed
Posted by: Sam Burgin
Date: August 21, 2009 02:14PM
I received word today that one of my Gold Bug 2 coils would not ground balance, which got me to wondering about coils.

If any of you have any expertise in this general area, I would appreciate any input, but this is what I think I understand:

I believe a loop is

Re: Gold Bug 2 Help FOUND
Posted by: Sam Burgin
Date: August 28, 2009 08:32AM
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