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Re: C$ frequency and other questions
Bill W.
Date: January 02, 2005 07:20AM
Fisher has never released the frequency of the C$. Some people have figured out about what the frequency is. But, none of us know what it's doing different that would require a patent. Where did you see this field test? I ask because most detectors would hit on an iron ring like a coin because of it being circular. Air test are not always the most telling of how a detector will perform in iron. Be forewarned to get the full benefit of a C$ you need to spend a good many hours mastering it. I spent alot of hours on the C$ but never was satisfied with it. I don't know if it was my soil or me. I am definitely not bashing the C$ just trying to make you aware of the learning curve. I love Fisher machines and own and use a CZ-3D quite a bit. I wish the C$ would have worked out better for me. Tom (Jackpine Savage) knows the C$ and gives alot of great advice on the C$. I agree with Mr. Bill on keeping your Minelab. I own a Minelab Explorer and a CZ-3D. I think they complement each other well. HH!

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