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Last Hunt of '04
Tony (NC)
Date: January 03, 2005 06:39AM
I got out with Allen and Mike for a last minute hunt on Friday. We were on a Colonial cellar hole and found a few flat buttons. When I got home I put the buttons down and forgot about them for several hours. I remembered the buttons later on and cleaned this one up and got a nice suprise. It's not the prettiest button I have ever dug, but it extended my CSA button streak to 3 years It's a block "A" 23mm. No makers mark, so I assume it is a "local issue".

Woah! Nice one"bootin daddy"!
Bill Ladd-525
Date: January 03, 2005 07:56AM
It's those kinda finds that make that "other relic forum" go nuts & call each other the "bootin daddy" & stuff That's one a them "confedorite unlisted" ones right? I gutta CSA Virginia....who knows how it gut to RI? Maybe he deserted his troops, or we "carpet-knapped" him?

donny nj
Date: January 03, 2005 08:05AM
It's "Dirty"
Bill Ladd-525
Date: January 03, 2005 10:27AM
looks like it needs some a that alluminom jelly stuff

Re: It's "Dirty"
Tony (NC)
Date: January 03, 2005 10:48AM
Try some on that coin of yours! My Daughter said you need to "polish it up some"

Wow ! That's finishing off the year in style...WTG Tony !!!!
Date: January 03, 2005 01:53PM
Got R DUN!!
Bill Ladd (Fisher Pimp)
Date: January 04, 2005 10:06AM

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