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Found ! Mega - Rare Colonial Button
Date: January 04, 2005 07:57PM
I found this button while using Bill's Excel at a depth of about six inches amidst hot rocks. The signal was a bit weak but repeatable from all angles.
I added the seated dime found last year with my C$ to the pic for size reference. I really don't know about the rarity of this button. I do know this was the first military button I have have ever found...not 150 yards from where Bill found that carved colonial wax seal.
The cannon is pointing to the right with an eagle with outstretched wings on top. There is a regimental or miltia number "1" underneath the cannon.

Nice Button GH!
Tony (NC)
Date: January 05, 2005 06:22AM
And I'd bet that coin would go "AU"!

MY Excel must bring people luck!
Bill Ladd 810
Date: January 05, 2005 07:33AM
Good ol' Excel #002 Hey, it's funny that some people make things up....rumors like the first Excel's made had "problems"? ....YEA RIGHT!
That button IS in the Alberts book. I will check it again later for it's assigned number. I think it's a US. 1st Reg. Artillery made around 1810. But, that means it's a definate War of 1812 button
You "gut er DuN" with that "bootin"...Now it's time "get er dun" & buy your own Excel

Re: Nice Button GH!
Date: January 05, 2005 01:36PM
Thanks Tony
It seems I have had some luck on early first finds.. last year I found my first Spanish silver - a 1600's Cob! My first military button is a war of 1812 button!!
and my first girlfriend was 63 years old!!

1st Reg. Artillery: Alberts 26av.....
Bill Ladd-525
Date: January 05, 2005 05:45PM
WEll I was a bit's even earlier than I said, but still 1812 era. It's a 1st regiment artillery from 1802-1808.
That Excel sure can "hunt with the big boys", right bootin daddy?

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