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Re: C$ frequency, X5, etc
Date: January 04, 2005 10:57PM
according to Terry in HI it's 7khz.
I have the CS and the X5. I have one of the few unmodified X5's. I also hunt around ML Muskys, Sovs, etc.
The CS is the best under most circumstances. The X5 has beat my CS in a real field test once. It was in black topsoil, fresh burial and around power lines.
The CS will not run well around any RF.
The X5 is better at finding gold or brass than the CS by design. You MUST manually GB the X5 for it to do any good.
The CS is better in mineralized soils.
The ML Musky/Advantage has the best iron reject
I have ever seen, but the CS goes deeper and finds
stuff the ML misses. Iron reject means you are missing a lot of good finds.
So sell the Ml and get an X5 and CS.I did.

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