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Bill Ladd 810
Date: January 05, 2005 07:43AM
of the year, for those that enjoy counting like over yonder, is a Virgina. I guess we are tied 1 to 1 for CSA's for 2005. (heh heh:) I have not posted it yet as it's not pretty. The fertilizer did a number on it &'s in olive oil right now Yep, you heard right. I hate olive oil but this thing was dried out & flaking away. So, I had to take drastic measures

I wondered where you nancing tarts were hanging out, LOL!
Bavaria Mike
Date: January 05, 2005 08:17AM
I'm no tart
Bill Ladd 525
Date: January 05, 2005 09:45AM
But Colchester Chris comes in here too so ya must mean him?
Hey at least we've brainwashed you into becoming a member of the Fisher Family.....
rather than that "animal house" over yonder or catching that dreded "Ciboloa Virus"

Tony (NC)
Date: January 05, 2005 12:32PM
If we can get my Dad to find one, you can write another story....3 more of a kind! You should order a button cleaning kit

Yea right!
Bill Ladd 525
Date: January 05, 2005 02:15PM
besides, why would I? I already have the stuff:) I was so curious about this "aluminum jelly" magical stuff they push over there that I actually bought it once to try. Luckily I experimented on some junk "bootins". Seems like way to harsh a chemical to be putting on any button of value. The VA boys agree too. Like it may shine it up one all pretty for now.....then 10 years down the road it turns to dust before your eyes

I am LOL
Colchester Chris
Date: January 07, 2005 04:28AM
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