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Got my new CS-couple questions
Date: January 08, 2005 03:13PM
Just out of the box and been playing with it for 10 minutes. Can only test it inside the house (snowing now) What are the best settings to air test inside? And should I have averaging off or on?
Tried a couple different settings and it suddenly didn't seem to work. Shut it off and on then it worked. Tried to get it not to work again but it seems fine now??
Also, not used to the overload belltone. Lifted the coil but how can you pick out a goody close to it?
Finally, the id numbers go down as it gets farther away from the coil. Is this normal? (sorry for long post. I will probably have more questions later

Don't get to hung up on air tests....
Tony (NC)
Date: January 08, 2005 04:30PM
The C$ is going to hit hard and lock on to anything round in the ground. It may not air test worth squat, but I wouldn't take anything else as my first choice of detector. You will catch on to the ID system and it is very reliable. The best advise I got about the C$ was to forget everything you know about your other machines and learn it from the ground up. (Especially the CZ's) The CZ's are great machines, but a Coin$trike is NOT a CZ. Two different animals. As far as averaging...I never use it. Take your time with it and enjoy it!

Yes the numbers go down the further away from the target you get while in pinpoint mode.....
Date: January 08, 2005 04:44PM
The C$ isn't worth a hoot at airtests, but if you want to get an idea of how well it sees through stuff, get a a half inche board and tape a quarter dime or penny to it and then wave the board across the coil with the coin pointing away from the coil. This is the way i airtest mine. It seems to help a little. Als avaraging off when you test it as well as tracking.
I don't know what could have caused it to shut off on you unless it was electrical interference, which can make the C$ act irratically.

Tony is right about the C$ not being a CZ, like Jim McGhee told me CZ users have the hardest time......
Date: January 08, 2005 04:50PM
making the transition from CZto C$ mainly because they expect it to work like a CZ, but it doesn't. I have to agree with him, it was a bear for me. There were times, I wanted to wrap it around a tree, tie it to the bumper and drag it down the road, then back over it, run over it a few more times for good measure, but I didn't. Now look at me hahahahahaha!

air tests indoors
Date: January 08, 2005 11:39PM
Hi !
welp check out the indoor airtest page.
In general the CS hates electrical RF so testing it indoors or anywhere near power lines reduces it's ability.
The airtests I ran indoors and you have to reduce Sensitivity to the point the RF won't cause erratic behaviour.
As you can see the numbers can go up or down as objects get farther away. They rarely go negative.

Guess the air test won't tell me much.
Date: January 09, 2005 08:45PM
Thanks everyone. Now I will have to wait for spring or a nice winter thaw to see what my CS can do. Darn it.
Never tried a CZ. Have a soverign elite. I was going to trade it in for the CS but decided to keep it. Think they will compliment each other. After playing with the CS I don't have the impression that it will be hard to learn. I will probably dig everthing for awhile and have copied a lot of tips from this forum. Think that will help.

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