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Date: January 09, 2005 02:33PM
Just picked up a Coinstrike to play with so thought I stop by & say hello. Im usually a couple doors down at the BBS forum . Weather is not good here in Indiana but have been out a couple hours with the Coinstike & so far & find it easy to use . I have the have both coils & have been playing mostly with the big one. I like the feel of the big coil, the little coil feels like my fish came off the hook . (Im used to a Sovereign with a WOT) Im also not used to hunting in silence so I have been running the threshold at +1 & however much sens I can stand & 0 disc & nothing notched. I also find it not to be nearly as vulnerable to RF interference as the Sovereign so I am pleased with that also. I have tried the 525 & 440 setting also but miss the depth & chatter of a hotter setup.. Well, thats all for now .. Ill be back .. wildherre

Your a better man than I Wild, .......
Date: January 09, 2005 03:11PM
I run a possitive threshold and the C$ will drive me nuts hahahahahaha!.

Nice toy! HH
Bavaria Mike
Date: January 09, 2005 05:00PM
sounds cool Wild.....
Bill Ladd 525
Date: January 10, 2005 12:00PM
welcome aboard, & yea if you like a positive threshold you will be getting the best depth possible. The 525 is definately a middle of the road silent search setting....
good luck,

Re: New
Jackpine Savage
Date: January 10, 2005 12:15PM
Way to go on getting the Coinstrike. Shouldn't be a problem for somone used to the Soveriegn.
HH, Tom

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