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coin encrusted in rust
Date: January 10, 2005 02:03PM
I have had some pretty good success in picking out coins from trash with the C$ but this one surprised me. I was on the beach using the C$, a lot of foil in the area. I get a strong penny zinc sig on both swings but when I X the swing, I get an iron reading. I was going to go, figuring it was a rusty cap but there is a difference in sound and in the one direction the numbers held pretty solid and the tone was clear. I dug about 6 or 7" and found what first appeared to be a small piece of rusted metal with some barnacles on it. One part sticking out seemed a little too round for nature so I took it home instead of adding it to trash. It took some plyers but under the barnacles was a zinc penny in pretty poor shape. A zinc penny in any shape let alone bad shape is nothing to get worked up about but the fact that the C$ identified it correctly with rusty iron actually on it really surprised me. Still find it hard to understand how it saw that penny, at least in the one directional swing.

we've all seen similar things
Bill Ladd-525
Date: January 10, 2005 05:03PM
coins under big square nails, etc.....Mr Bill saw me find a colonial button in same hole as an iron plow bolt. Masking is not even part of C$ vocabulary

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