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C$ at the beach
Date: January 10, 2005 09:41PM
My first time to try the C$ at the beach in Clearwater Fl, my other C$ use has been in Ky. In the dry sand it ran stable no matter how high I went on sens. No mineralization at Fl beaches is great. I dug everything above iron but unfortunately came up with nothing but trash some of it was really deep trash though. I did find a small cache of hairpins. Switching to burying my own stuff the C$ had no problem with 10" on a penny. Down by the water I set sens. to 6 thresh -5 with salt on and it ran extremely stable but again only trash. Bottom line is this machine does great at the beach both in depth and sensitivity to small hairpins, jewelry and coins too.

Re: C$ at the beach
Donny nj
Date: January 10, 2005 09:52PM
Thanx for the report keep us posted on more hunts with the C$!!

I agree, I used mine at Daytona last week and it did wonderful as well.
Date: January 11, 2005 07:03AM
Re: C$ at the beach
Date: January 11, 2005 07:08AM
Thresh at -5 is pretty good. I'm in NE Fl with some black sand. I run with a thresh of about -20. I am surprised you didn't find anything. We have had a lot of storms as you know. Everytime I go out I always find at least a couple of coins. Nothing worth talking about but I like to hunt after work to relax. On my local beach, which is semi-private, I never expect to find much but it's only a block from the house. Right now I am hunting only where sand dunes used to be. Picked up a 20 year old nickle in poor shape amoung other things last night.
Usually coins sound differently then garbage but I still dig a fair amount of trash also. I have always known that the C$ could pick out of trash but the other night I found a penny that wasn't just near trash, it was actually half enclosed in a piece of rusted iron. As noted below, we all find stuff near or under garbage but this was my first where it was imbedded or incrusted in iron. Any how. Good luck. Look forward to hearing about your finds. Take care.

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