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FISHER 1220X / 1260X COIL
Posted by: joe dirt_1
Date: December 08, 2014 06:17PM
I picked up a nice 1220x a couple of days ago, but there may be a problem with the coil. When I turn the detector on it chatters but it does detect targets with no problems.
I thought it may be caused from the wifi or other electrical interference of some sort, but even outside it did the same thing. I replaced the batteries and wiggled the coil wire looking for a short
but couldn't find anything. I do have a friend that has a 1260x that I can try his coil on my detector to see if that is the problem. I haven't opened the detector up yet to look for a bad connection or whatever yet.
I thought I would see if anyone has a 8 inch 1220 /1260 coil laying around at a reasonable price just in case I do need to replace the coil. May also be interested in other coils if you have them that will fit the 1220x.
I'd appreciate it if you have any coils to contact me with a PM......Thanks..


Re: FISHER 1220X / 1260X COIL
Posted by: One arm willy
Date: February 06, 2015 03:39PM
Can't pm yet. If you are still looking for coils. I have a 11". If interested email me.

Re: FISHER 1220X / 1260X COIL
Posted by: vegemiteFI
Date: February 07, 2015 11:30AM
Sorry to bump into someone elses thread, but I am also looking for coils. However I am located in Europe.

Re: FISHER 1220X / 1260X COIL
Posted by: conundrum2020
Date: July 15, 2015 08:20PM
I have 2 Fisher 1260x,1220x coils,11",4" New old stock
5 pin male plug. my understanding is won't fit any other 1200 series models. I'm unable to test, (I'm Goldbug 2 only) but I believe the new coils will work fine.

contact me for great pictures, I don't have any small enough to post.

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