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I no longer hang out on that "other forum site"
Posted by: Dave J.
Date: August 19, 2015 03:37AM
Quite a few of our fellow forum denizens post on several different forums. For me, as it relates to metal detecting, it's been pretty much Findmall and "that other treasure forum".

That "other forum" has become unusable. Constantly crashes my computer, and even when it doesn't do that, it's impossibly slow. It's not a browser or OS issue, happens on both my puters running different browsers and OS's. Recently other screwy stuff has been happening, the kind of stuff that happens with malware. This evening I decided to quit that other forum, wanted to post there to at least say goodbye, but wasn't able even to do that. So oddly enough, I'm having to post that "Dave's not here" sign...... here.

Dave's still here. But not there.

[I'm posting this same thing in several Findmall forums where I regularly participate.]

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