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My Fisher quest
Posted by: JJdigs
Date: March 29, 2016 03:33PM
So I really like the fishers..... After having a few 1200 series I got a 1265 from the bay as a non working unit .... Hoping to just buy battery packs and it would be up and running....well I put the new battery packs in and it smoked and orange flame she smoked.... So off to the bay she and the extra coils went.... I managed a coin strike with the the 8" and 5" coil. Now I had a coinstrike in the past with 10.5" and 8 but never gave it much ground time because I had to many other Detectors I really liked at the time. So iam very excited to get this one and try my cellar hole colonial sites. I really feel the 5" coil is going to smoke the trashy square nail sites I love to hunt ! What do you guys with experience with the 5" coil have to say....any setting where the 5" coil may differ from the other two bigger coils. Hate to say it but my Whites IDX seems to be to dang good and I want to prove it wrong with another detector but it's been tough in my mild ground and iron tarded sites.

Re: My Fisher quest
Posted by: JJdigs
Date: April 01, 2016 05:29AM
Love the small coil !

Re: My Fisher quest
Posted by: JJdigs
Date: April 01, 2016 07:14AM
Hit all my coins up to 8" in the test garden and did very well with my quarter next to an old square nail at 6".... Can't wait try try it a few old colonial sites this weekend !

Re: My Fisher quest
Posted by: JJdigs
Date: April 01, 2016 08:53PM
Went out to a big field for about an hour..... Ran 3 programs that I saved from a mix of different threshold and sensitivity ..... It was a very clean field with minimal signals. New permission so we stayed out back. Did dig some jumpy deep signals. All were non ferrous trash,like bullets ,bird tags,copper wire and such. Deepest was $ignal was 9". Nothing round ! My brother n kaw scored 3 brass buckels from 1800's. It did run smooth for me, I just need to swing above something good ! I was using the 8" coil.

Re: My Fisher quest
Posted by: tommygun
Date: April 03, 2016 07:09AM
Nice detector!

Re: My Fisher quest
Posted by: Harold,ILL.
Date: April 23, 2016 06:15PM
These have a cult like following. I always wanted to try one.

Re: My Fisher quest
Posted by: michael NY
Date: April 24, 2016 02:07PM
Harold, give it a try the C$ has been good to me it's fun comfortable and best of all understated of what a great machine it is. Good luck post any questions you have or pictures of finds there are lots of C$ knowledge here that share good information. HH


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