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Been using the ol 1212X
Posted by: Bugar In. USA
Date: September 14, 2016 01:50PM
Sucker works great, gave it the pot tune up, somebody had posted somewhere, works great, carry it in trunk of car allatime, whip it out ever so often at Parkin lot or whatever, get few coin every time, fun detector, works great on anything 8" or less, not much I find is that deep anyhow, find bout as much with it as I do with anything, Hew that's what it is all about, Isn't it??

Re: Been using the ol 1212X
Posted by: Mike Hillis
Date: September 15, 2016 10:00AM
There is a little old lady (seriously...both little and old) near me who hunted with a 1212X. She did pretty good. Always had a piece of gold to show me when we ran into each other talked metal detecting. Haven't seen her in a while, though. Her family may have moved her. She swore by her little 1212X.


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Re: Been using the ol 1212X
Posted by: Bugar In. USA
Date: September 17, 2016 06:27PM
Yeah Mike, I cut the rods down so it fits in my trunk real good, carry it all the time with an old towel over it, I see a spot, wherever, grassy, gravel, Heck just a few square feet, whip it out do couple mins while wife is in groceryor whever, always find something, wherever people have been, they lost something, my older brother taught me about that back in around 1952, and I still do it, sometimes I just don't wanna get the big dollar beepers dirty, don' sweat dirt on the 1212.

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