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F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: KyJoe
Date: February 09, 2012 11:07PM
Going to retire my CZ-70 PRO and get yhe F75 LTD SE. I've been reading through the forum and watching videos. My only question is in the Cache mode will it ignore smaller targets that are above a larger "cache type" target?

Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: rick in mi
Date: February 10, 2012 08:39AM
Thats a good question,KyJoe.I have been running my ltd for over a year now and never use the cache mode,and never really hear to much about it.This spring am going to try and slow down a bit a try some of the other procces modes in this machine,I currently run de and boost.Maybe one of the guys will chime in that have some run time in cache mode??....hh rick in mi.

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Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: Big Boys Hobbies
Date: February 11, 2012 11:25PM
No it's very sensitive. It makes machine very deep but you have to slow way down!

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Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: Elton
Date: February 12, 2012 08:35AM
Not if you slow your search swing.... Don't forget about the BP Mode. This may be your choice of modes once you actually have the machine in hand..

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Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: WV62
Date: February 12, 2012 09:29AM
I just happened to be doing a little air testing on some foil samples I made to read the same as a couple of gold rings. I was checking in on this thread from time to time and then I thought I would try my samples in the cache process, first surprise it was hitting the smallest sample with no problem. Then the second surprise it wouldn't read the small foil sample in dE process without dropping the disc down.

Because I was in the house I had the 6.5 elliptical on and the sensitivity down to 30 and disc at 15.

Cache process is very sensitive to small items.

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Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: February 12, 2012 11:21PM
Don't get rid of your CZ.

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Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: KyJoe
Date: February 13, 2012 01:16AM
Don't get rid of your CZ.

Sold it but I still have a CZ-3D I bought in '05 I'm keeping.

Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: February 15, 2012 08:24PM
I tried mine in CL mode disc 0 sens 90 on a clad dime on the ground and it's amazing looks like 15 or so inches. Swing real slow. I have read where in CL mode 0 disc sens 90 or 99, a f75se/ltd will airtest on a $1 dollar US gold coin to 16.9 inches. From my understanding a 1 dollar gold coin just barely covers the top of a regular size pencil eraser.

Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: woodchiphustler
Date: February 18, 2012 03:40PM
Not at all. I dig small buttons. HUNT WITH A SLOW SWEEP SPEED.

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Re: F75 LTD SE Cache mode
Posted by: Cal_Cobra
Date: February 19, 2012 01:11AM
Someone was posting some time back that they were sucessful in useing cache mode with a super low sensitivity setting, something like 5, and it was not only hitting ultra deep targets, he was able to go a bit quicker then when running it in high sensitivity mode.

I still want to try it with the 15" DD :devil:

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