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Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: jim tn
Date: March 09, 2017 03:07PM
Pictured are about a week's worth of hunt finds with the F 75 LTD2 DST. All recoveries were made using the 11" DD coil and good ole de mode, 85 & upward sen, no notch, 0 disc and 3H tones.

The first picture shows the clad and cents and some of the small trash items. I give any copper and brass recoveries to my hunting buddy as he sells the stuff and denotes the $$ to his local dog shelter. Although the pile doesn't show the coin breakdown, as we all know, the F 75 loves nickels. Excluding the 3 Buffalo's, the pile contains 18 nickels, the same number as dimes.

The 2nd picture is the goodies from this mornings hunt. This was on our old fairgrounds, of which, with all its iron and broken up asphalt is not kind to coins. 4 of the 6 wheats were from a small wheat coin spill. All 40's and 50's. The 2 Merc's are 1923 and 1943 and didn't come from to far away from where my buddy recovered a 44 Merc. yesterday. Also got a 37 Buffalo nickel this morning and got a 24 Buffalo yesterday. A few days ago I got a 1926.

The 3rd picture is of all the older coins during said hunting period. The 1916 Barber dime also came from the fairgrounds as did the other Mercury dimes and 1 of the Rosies. The 53d Washington and 64d Rosie came out of a older school yard in the Nashville area this past weekend. Not shown are about 2 dozen or so wheat cents and the oldest being 1910.

Along the way I got 1 small silver ring, a couple pieces of older jewelry, some old lead and the heart thumping 2 one hundred dollar bills. From about 10' away they sure looked real. Un-fortunately, they aren't. HH jim tn

Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: Jackpine Savage
Date: March 09, 2017 04:15PM
Nice hunts Jim. Love the old silver and that F75 sure is hitting the nickels.

Too bad on the movie props LOL


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:clapping:Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: markg
Date: March 09, 2017 07:33PM
That is some awesome recoveries

Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: cometguy
Date: March 09, 2017 07:47PM
I have talked to you about your hunting before, and I am still impressed. Nice to see the F75 is getting it done for you. I had already made up my mind to get my F75 out and about. I love the fact that I generally knew exactly what I was digging when I dug it. Congrats and thanks for sharing.


Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: hershey1
Date: March 10, 2017 09:32AM
Have not been around in a while. But enjoy you and your finds. Got several detectors but the old F-75 is used often. Hershey1

Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: oleterryg
Date: March 10, 2017 10:14AM
Jim, any idea why the F75 does so well on nickels? My DeLeon is super on dimes and quarters, but nickels are elucive.

Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: EtracTom-AdirondacksNY
Date: March 10, 2017 10:44AM
If I may answer this and not to take it away from Jim but the F75 operates at 13khz which is good for lower conductors like nickles and jewelry. Your Deleon may be at like 7-8 or 9 or even lower KHZ and the lower the KHZ the better for HIGH conductors like copper and silver.

Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: oleterryg
Date: March 10, 2017 10:52AM
10 KHZ on the DeLeon. I get what you are saying. I believe you are spot on the money.

Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: REVIER
Date: March 10, 2017 12:06PM
Lots of great stuff.

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Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: CZconnoisseur
Date: March 10, 2017 12:33PM
Nice hunts Jim! I can't wait to dig my first hole in the Memphis-area soil here in a couple of weeks - there's a certain smell to that soil that is unmistakeable!

Colorado's dirt is pretty much odorless and sandy....LOL

Re: Swinging the F 75 :fisher:
Posted by: jim tn
Date: March 10, 2017 12:39PM
Besides the 13khz maybe being a bit better on lower conductors, the 75 also has tone settings, 3h and 4h, that bring nickels into a high tone like it does for cents, dimes, quarters, ext. Of course, there are a couple other items such as tab tales and small pieces of can slaw, that also read in the nickel range but nickels seem to give a more distinct "thud" then do the other lower conductors. But, you, none the less, will end up digging a few. HH jim tn

Re: HA!N/T
Posted by: jim tn
Date: March 10, 2017 12:40PM

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Re: HA!
Posted by: still looking 52
Date: March 10, 2017 06:47PM
If I can find that much silver this "year" I'll be doing good. Thanks for sharing Jim, I need that for inspiration.

Re: HA!
Posted by: oleterryg
Date: March 10, 2017 07:11PM
I "second that emotion."

Thanks Jim

AS usual a big wow and ......:thumbup:N/T
Posted by: Elton
Date: March 10, 2017 07:44PM

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