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F75 Discrimination
Posted by: kansas_jayhawks
Date: March 23, 2017 12:47PM
Is the F75 good at discrimination- like for pop tops?

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Re: F75 Discrimination
Posted by: REVIER
Date: March 23, 2017 05:47PM
Yep, with a concentric or a DD coil.

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Re: F75 Discrimination
Posted by: lytle78
Date: March 24, 2017 12:05AM
Of you mean steel bottlecaps, the concentric will do a better job than the DD, the DD requires some special techniques to do better on these.

If you mean aluminum pyll tabs, no detector will reliably seperate these from gold jewelry.

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Re: F75 Discrimination
Posted by: jim tn
Date: March 24, 2017 02:37AM
Tone, tone, tone. They say it takes one hundred hours with a detector to get comfortable with it. If that hundred hours isn't spread out over a long period of time, meaning getting in more then a couple hours with your detector here and there, you will began to see that a tone is more then a high, medium or low tone pitch. You might began to notice a small click as your coil swings over a target. Usually thats a bottle cap. One day you might hear just a small sounding faint whisper. Good chance it might be a silver coin, probably a dime. Dig some targets and confirm what those tones are saying. I know quite a few do use discrimination and some use some very heavy doses of it. Discrimination has its place, (I guess) but like a goodly number of things, less is better then more. Personally, I don't use discrimination. That doesn't mean it wrong for some to do so. I just like to hear everything under the coil and let my ears via the various clicks, pops, crackles and sweet, faint whispers be my discriminator.

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Re: F75 Discrimination
Posted by: Jackpine Savage
Date: March 24, 2017 03:39AM
Sound advice Jim.


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Re: F75 Discrimination
Posted by: rob.ream258
Date: March 26, 2017 09:16PM
Yes - very good if you learn the tones. The tab range is between the nickel and zinc pennies But there are hazards to using discrimination to cut out (mask) the tab sounds because that is the range for gold. Various 10K-22K all have other metals changing the sounds and VDI numbers a big 10K ring is completely different than a 22K pendant. Masking the tab sounds completely will surely prevent you from finding gold.....


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