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Fisher F44?
Posted by: vabass
Date: March 27, 2017 04:32PM
Hey all! Glad to find this forum. Thinking of getting back into metal detecting. Been away from it a long time. I bought a White's about 30 years ago, separate machine and wand. The battery case is all broken nowadays, held together with electrical tape, but I had fun with it. I've been watching videos and trying to learn about the new machines I'm really leaning toward the F44. I like the weight (female here), the warranty, the display, the price, and in general, the good things I'm hearing. It seems to get a lot of good reviews, but it seems there's always a downside to anything. This looked like a good place to come straight to the horse's mouth! Not wanting to be a pro at it, just fun with something that's not going to frustrate me and be reliable. What's your opinion?

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Re: Fisher F44?
Posted by: REVIER
Date: March 27, 2017 05:38PM
In the entry level class it has a lot of nice features that just a few years ago were just a dream unless you got into much higher and more expensive ranges.
Also that weatherproof thing can come in handy if you are caught in or like to hunt in the rain.
I like Fishers, have used 2 so far and nothing but great experiences with both including an F2 below this one's level.
It has the same DNA so I would think it would do you fine.
They just came out with a cheaper sniper coil fit it also, $49, a good accessory to have if you hunt in a lot of trash and learning new detectors with small coils I always thought was a little easier.

Lots of vids out there...check out TheHunterGT's stuff on YouTube.

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Re: Fisher F44?
Posted by: jim tn
Date: March 27, 2017 06:26PM
Welcome back to the hobby. Yeah, a lot has changed over the last three decades. Fisher makes nice detectors. Light weight, can be swung all day and most importantly, find treasure. I don't have a F 44, but from what I know and hear about it, it is a nice detector. In fact, I surmise it has a bit more going for it then what many would consider to be a entry level detector. Let us know how you do and again, welcome back. HH jim tn

Re: Fisher F44?
Posted by: JConis
Date: March 28, 2017 07:19AM
I have been using the f44 since February and am extremely pleased. In addition to the above stated pro's I will add that it is very stable (not chatty) very fast recovery speed, and pretty deep in my soil. Seperates quite well with the 11" coil and the pinpoint seems to be right on. Custom mode with programmable tones is nice since I like the VCO. I don't have the 4" concentric coil yet but I bought a Nel snake, and it is like a laser and really picks out good targets in lots of trash. I would deffinatly recommend it, ThehunterGT has a great review of the f44 on YouTube.


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Re: Fisher F44?
Posted by: dfmike
Date: March 28, 2017 04:31PM
I think it depends on what you want in a detector. I had the F44 and could never get used to it completely even though I did find good things with it. I could never get it quite stable except in custom mode and even then, it gave me too many false signals. I had an early version so perhaps the issues I was having were ironed out later. If you need the back light and weather proofing it's hard to beat for the price. If you don't need those characteristics and you can stretch your budget just a tad, I'd get the F5 in that frequency range.

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