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F75 Question
Posted by: kansas_jayhawks
Date: April 07, 2017 09:05PM
Are these types of detectors ones where you need to were headphones

The Minelab I had didn't need headphones nor does my Tesoro Silver uMax ...

Just kind of curious if you can detect without headphones.


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Re: F75 Question
Posted by: dan h
Date: April 07, 2017 09:26PM
Does have loudspeaker.

Re: F75 Question
Posted by: jim tn
Date: April 07, 2017 09:47PM
Regardless of the brand of detector, one is going to miss some faint deep targets without the use of head phones. HH jim tn

You don't have to. That said you may miss deep faint targets.
Posted by: Elton
Date: April 07, 2017 09:56PM
The sound and Target ID screen are independent of each other in some circumstances

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Re: F75 Question
Posted by: MarkCZ
Date: April 07, 2017 10:02PM
The unit does have an external speaker, but in public settings it attracts on lookers,
Its easy to miss targets if there is a loud of other noisy's in the area.
But to answer your question, it has its own speaker.


Well you should use headphones....
Posted by: vlad
Date: April 08, 2017 01:02AM
cause Putin may be listening, and you will never make it back to the car with those goodies.
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Re: F75 Question
Posted by: James/Texas
Date: April 08, 2017 09:24AM
The F75 has a good speaker and if you are shallow, clad hunting in a newer park, then the speaker works fine. If you are after artifacts that may be deep, then you are going to miss some good targets if you do not wear headphones.

Re: F75 Question
Posted by: hershey1
Date: April 18, 2017 03:00PM
Headphones are a must for me! But if you do not want to use them the F-series machines have great speakers. They will draw attention to what you are doing. HH :fisher::minelab::teknetics:

Re: F75 Question
Posted by: still looking 52
Date: April 18, 2017 03:35PM
You don't get the full potential of your detector without head phones, in my opinion they are not optional.

Re: F75 Question
Posted by: rob.ream258
Date: April 18, 2017 08:15PM
The machine has a great speaker and volume control - you can blast the sweet music to all the on-lookers..........

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