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Nel coils
Posted by: turkey4
Date: May 28, 2017 11:10AM
I'm using the f19 and I'm looking for a bigger coil I was thinking about trying the Hunter coil or should I just go with the 11 inch Double D coil. I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me thank you

Re: Nel coils
Posted by: BarryL
Date: May 28, 2017 12:03PM
Don't have the f19 but I do use the NEL sharpshooter coil on my F70 and it pretty much is my go to coil 90% of the time I do have 3x6 fisher coil and it is a very accurate coil in trash but not like the NEL coil JMHO. Going to get a NEL hunter coil as well even though I have the Fisher 11 inch coil coming due to a good deal on it

Re: Nel coils
Posted by: dfmike
Date: May 28, 2017 06:42PM
The 11 inch DD coil is my absolute favorite on the F19. I have and have had many sizable coils (NEL Thunder, Detech Ultimate, 12 X 10 SEF and now the Mars Tiger) and as a general coil that is accurate on ID and pinpointing and also has decent depth, the Fisher coil can't be beat on overall performance IMHO.

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Re: Nel coils
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: June 06, 2017 04:01PM
I relic hunt with my F19/G2. I use the 13" ultimate & 15" Nel attack coils on them. Very good coils for that purpose. This setup will pound lead, brass, buttons & Indian pennys. I never use a small coil but that's me. I'm a relic hunter & depth & more depth is what I'm after. Good luck & HH

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Re: Nel coils
Posted by: woody
Date: June 06, 2017 08:22PM
I think it's great that people can use large coils. Even with a 9" or 11" my back and arms start screaming at me after about an hour. But they should at my age. Go get'em!

Re: Nel coils
Posted by: tometusns
Date: June 13, 2017 10:26PM
I have the 11dd stock and the Nel Hunter. They are almost identical in performance in air testing with my f19. I would recommend either one but I think the stock 11dd is a little lighter.

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