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Fisher 11in coil
Posted by: turkey4
Date: May 31, 2017 01:12PM
I was wondering if the Fisher 11 in Double D coil if you can do the Heel To Toe method of pinpointing I do that on my Ace 250 with the 5x8 Double D coil and it works great so I was just wondering if you could do the same on the Fisher any input would be appreciated thank you

Re: Fisher 11in coil
Posted by: still looking 52
Date: May 31, 2017 01:29PM
I use the 11" DD coil exclusively on my F5 and learned to pinpoint fairly accurately with it. I've learned where the target is by using the toe of the coil only by doing this it keeps everything simple and accurate. I also pinpoint in disc mode only not to pick up more targets than I've already got under my coil. If you place a coin down and practice this method you'll see it's easy, fast, and accurate.

Re: Fisher 11in coil
Posted by: REVIER
Date: May 31, 2017 03:00PM
I use the wiggle pull back method off the toe of all my DD coils on a few different detectors and it works great on all of them so I assume any technique you like to use will transfer over just fine.

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Re: Fisher 11in coil
Posted by: cal
Date: May 31, 2017 07:25PM
Yes! I used the heel toe method today on my new Patriot.

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