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Re: about li-ion batteries and the F series
Posted by: amberjack
Date: July 15, 2017 10:46AM
bit more fun for ya's :clapping: got some lifepo4 (Lithium iron phosphate) 9 volts the other day just cause they are there and are cheap and the tech works also... have fun fellas...


Aren't these the ones that you are supposed to charge in a cooking pot because they are bad to catch on fire, and isn't these the ones that caused all the Hoover Boards to catch on fire? (That is a question by the way, not a comment) I was just thinking that if it is then its the same type of battery that causes a lot of fiery mishaps in the RC hobby world.


no they are very stable the ones you are thinking of are lipo's for high drain RC units probs come with them the way they charge those like pumping heaps of amps in for super fast charging so they are fine also if charged "normally" you know not like a racing car driver :lmfao: RNB use lipo's in their excel battery pack.

so no the lifepo4 is probably the most stable lithium battery long shelf life and can take higher drain as well not that detectors drain like a drill or similar.


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