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NEL Sharpshooter on F%
Posted by: RLOH
Date: July 19, 2017 01:51PM
Last week I ordered a Sharpshooter for my Fisher F5 and while waiting for it, I saw Juit's youtube with the Core coil on his F5. I was not impressed with his results and was about to re-think my Sharpshooter purchase. In his video, he did not give his settings and for that reason, I did not cancel my order. I got the Sharpshooter in todays's mail and quickly hooked it up and went to my test bed. I have all denominations of both clad and silver buried between 5 and 8 inches. The 11 inch dd coil hit all targets with the 8 inch silver quarter and 7 inch silver dime being a weak, but repeatable signal. My settings: gain 85, disc 10, threshold 0, and 3 tones.

I tried these setting with the Sharpshooter and it hit everything almost identical except for the 8 inch silver quarter and 7 inch silver dime. I tried moving the theshold up to 1 and down to -1 with no improvement. I set the threshold to 0 and increased to gain to 90 and I could get these deeper silvers just like the with the 11 inch dd coil. With most small coils, you can increase the gain, if not max it out, so I am hoping that the places I will be using the F5-Sharpshooter combo, will allow a higher gain. A gain of 85 with the 11 inch dd coil is the max at my spots. I have found about two inches of depth difference when going between 70 and 85. Repeated runs in my test bed confirms this difference.

Again, a test bed provides much more information that air tests. I have found air tests to help with recognizing different coins and metals, but nothing beats targets in the ground for getting the max out of whatever detector you are swinging.

Re: NEL Sharpshooter on F%
Posted by: dfmike
Date: July 19, 2017 04:34PM
I think your results are more than decent for such a small coil. My Detech SEF 5 X 10 which is the equivalent of the Sharpshooter in size gives me good results as well and I am close to the 11 DD but not quite there. I find that smaller coils tend to be less affected by EMI so you might be able to crank up the sensitivity. In my areas I can easily hunt with any coil at 95 sensitivity, 0 threshold on the F5 except with the Ultimate coil which I have to lower at 85 or 90. Have you tried switching frequencies and the effect it has on EMI ? For some reason my F5 almost always runs quietest/more stable at freq 2. The differences in the noise floor between frequencies is sometimes quite surprising considering the shift is minimal.

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