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F75 question.
Posted by: LS hunter
Date: July 24, 2017 07:05AM
I have only owned one fisher before my friends f70 and wow it was very jumpy I'm looking at one right now do you think the F75 would make a good coin jewelry machine. Parks" old schools" And the occasional Beach hunt. The one I'm looking at has DST and AU...What ever that is.Thx any help will be much appreciate it

Re: F75 question.
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: July 24, 2017 07:32AM
The 75 with DST will run very quite.

Re: F75 question.
Posted by: MI-AuAg
Date: July 24, 2017 10:40AM
Hello LS hunter,

The DST (Digital Shielding Technology) has mitigated any concerns with EMI instability. DST is standard on new models starting in 2014, I believe. It was also retro-installed on earlier models, for those choosing to send in their older units for upgrades. Not sure if you're looking at used or new. With the new models current price reduction, new was my choice, with the 5 yr warranty.

I'm not sure what the "AU" is that you refer to? The latest models are equipped with these new features, the DST, FA (Fast Process) which is a very fast/shorter audio response for separation in heavy trash/closely located targets, Audio Pitch that now will carry over to the discrimination mode (adjustment is made in All Metal mode to adjust the audio pitch to your hearing preference), additional new levels of FeTone, the iron audio feature. They also now have the serial # electronically stored in the machine.

Perhaps the "AU" is one of those upgrades and you just got the abbreviation incorrect?

IMO, the F75 will do very well for you in the situations you describe. Keep in mind, being a single frequency VLF machine, it will encounter the usual difficulties of single freq machines in the conductive salt water/wet salt sand, if that is the domain of your beach hunting. It will still detect in the wet salt sand, but, may require lower sensitivity setting. No problem in dry salt sand or fresh water areas.

I've had my F75 (standard gold model) for a month shy of one year now. It's a very sensitive (in a good way) machine. It's weight/balance ergonomics are bested by no other machine IMO. The screen/user interface is very easy to use, and the display is well situated for easy reading.

It's a proven, and improved machine. No regrets in my purchase!

Re: F75 question.
Posted by: James/Texas
Date: July 24, 2017 04:05PM
I have owned an F75 since mid 2008. I will never sell this great detector! I had the upgrade done the first time it was offered. The upgrade did help to make the F75 a lot quieter detector. The F75 is a very sensitive detector and the numbers will jump more than some other detectors, but that is not a problem as after you get used to what the detector is telling you, there will not be any problem picking coins out of trashy parks. Turn the sensitivity down to about 65 the first few times you are out detecting. At 65 the F75 is still a depth monster. After you get used to what it is telling you, you can bring the sensitivity up. When you first start out, set your disc low and notch out what you would like. LEARN HOW TO MANUAL GROUND BALANCE AND SET THE NOTCH! THEY ARE YOUR FRIEND! Good luck!

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Re: F75 question.
Posted by: markg
Date: July 27, 2017 07:25AM
I've had the F75 or LTD since they first came out. Very good coin detector, works good in the trash.

Re: F75 question.
Posted by: Rob in (Ca)
Date: July 28, 2017 11:15AM
The F75 is a very sensitive Detector and with it's Lighting Fast Recovery speed, The ID Numbers can be a little Jumpy.

Normally coins will lock on real good, like a zinc will bounce from 61 to 63, nothing real bad.

Now a real jumpy Target, will most likely be two Targets real close together.

Jewelry Hunting The Sports fields & Beach's here in Long Beach ca,

Re: F75 question.
Posted by: cometguy
Date: August 03, 2017 06:07PM
The F75 is my first choice in well manicured yards. It goes deep and it reads as true as anything I have used. The only problem ever was EMI noise and Fisher took care of that with the upgrade and the new generation of F75s. They do as good as job as almost anything out there at a reasonable price and with a fairly easy learning curve.


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