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Re: Hello Hello Helloooooooooooooooooo
Posted by: Cal_Cobra
Date: October 17, 2017 04:26PM
Here’s something anyway

Rick don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see the FTP light bulb finally went off, and they noticed that everyone else on the planet already has nice pin pointers out, and decided to make their own (they did have some junky low end ones in the past, mostly used as promo give-a-ways). I used to exclusively use FTP machines, had several CZ70 (still have), F4, F5, F70, F75 LTD, F75 LTD2 (still have), ID Edge, Coin$trike, and probably one or two I cannot recall.

FTP has the engineering resources and marketing machine to come up with something better then regurgitating the same machines over and over. It may well work as far as capturing their goal on world wide sales, but technical innovation on released product has been at an all time low. FTP was once the leader in innovation, but since the F75/T2 has been released, I just haven't seen it. I want FTP to bring out something that sets the detector world on fire (like the Equinox, albeit good, bad or indifferent), and we've heard rumors for years that they were on the verge of releasing a new and innovative flagship, yet here were are watching all the other companies come to the plate, over and over again, with crickets from FTP. Even White's, who I've not really considered that innovative of a company, has innovated - the White's V3i for example, the MX Sport (albeit a release disaster, but that's a discussion all together).

Personally I don't have a dog in this race. I still have my F75 LTD that I bought in 2009, and had updated to an LTD2, but it's been collecting a lot of dust since using some other machines that have provided more productive hunts then the F75 ever did. I put thousands of hours on my F75, and given the right conditions it's an excellent machine, especially after the LTD2 upgrade (well the second LTD2 upgrade since they flubbed up the first one), but I also recognize it's weaknesses and given the sites and soil that I hunt, it wasn't conducive to my detecting success. That said, I'm still routing for them to bring out the next best mouse trap, but in the mean time my sites are getting hoovered up, and I'm not exactly getting younger, so I have to go with the best machine for the $$$ that works at the sites and soil I detect at, and that means I'm no longer spending my hobby bucks with FTP. If that better FTP mouse trap comes along, I'll be happy to look at it, but I no longer get excited when I hear rumors that FTP is on the verge of releasing a new CZ, CZX, Mosca, F80 or whatever the latest grapevine phylloxera variant is in circulation.

Re: Hello Hello Helloooooooooooooooooo
Posted by: lytle78
Date: October 17, 2017 04:39PM
Cal - fair complaint.

I hear it’s a pretty great pinpointer however. I have a Pistol Pointer and a Whites ATX and I’m not especially happy with either of them. We’ll see what this new one will do.

Except for the Minelab GPZ7000, there hasn’t been a truly new technology detector released in a decade or more. The Equinox offers no technology which hasn’t been fielded previously - for example in the Whites V3i. Simeltanuois multifreq. - selectable single freq - etc. the Equinox puts it in a nerdy attractive package, but they already had all the bits - just not in this combination.

No criticism of the Equinox - heck - it doesn’t even EXIST as a production unit for sale yet. These will be ample time to praise or condem it after it is actually fielded in the hands of thousands of customers.

Just saying - if truly new detector technologies were easy - everybody would be introducing them.

Rick Kempf

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