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Fisher 6.5 inch football coil
Posted by: Ronk
Date: November 09, 2017 02:36AM
I received the new 6.5 inch elliptical concentric coil and only had a few minutes to try it out.This thing is even smaller than what I imagined! Very light compared to the 11 DD but great balance. I took it out in my yard after midnight coz that's what time I get off work. This thing does great picking out things I missed with larger coils. In the short time I tested it I found a clad dime that I missed that was shallow but there was trash and iron all around.My yard is loaded with junk.Even with the 6.5 there was more than one target under the coil so I just raised the coil just high enough to get a lock on with the dime.The sound is so smooth compared to the 11dd and locks on to good targets better. The Id seems very accurate with this coil and does a great job separating for a concentric. I can get right up against a metal close line pole without setting it off. Even after a few minutes of testing I think I'm gonna like this little guy! I'll put it to the test when the weather clears and I have more time. I like the fact that it came with the lower pole. I will probably get the rest of the F75 coils in the near future. Just remembered....It rejected the rusty bottle cap the 11dd gave me a good signal on! That made me happy!
HH Ronk

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Re: Fisher 6.5 inch football coil
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: November 09, 2017 09:53AM
Good report and info--thanks.

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